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Hatha Flow Yoga with Ella

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Bathford class new time slot:
Tues 9:30-10:30am from Sept 5th

New, slightly earlier, streamlined class in Bathford Parish Hall with just the same attention to meditative movement, body control and flexibility. 

Hatha Flow Yoga; mindful, flowing traditional yoga postures practiced in sync with the breath to develop strong and flexible bodies and minds. Along the way, improve your all round health, feel more positive and energised, improve your balance, gain body control, and more besides. 
Join a group class, work one-to-one, or have the class come to you at work.


About me

I am a hatha flow yoga teacher based just outside Bath.
Yoga is an essential tool for me to stay centred, maintain mental and bodily health and feel a sense of peace even when life gets completely turned upside down, and I love to share what I know and have experienced to help others. I teach to follow the breath so that we are synchronised with it, maintaining a meditative state as we move through postures. Breathing well is really the heart of positive yoga practice, so we try not to sacrifice it for the sake of complex postures or moving too quickly. When the breath flows, we are calm, tensions leave us and the body relaxes to allow in flexibility, control and power.

I am hypermobile, so in the beginning I loved that my bendiness made postures fairly easy to get into. I loved the challenge of ashtanga yoga, but soon found that I needed strength too, and that there was far more to it than the gymnastic element which I had experience in. I began to slow down, to appreciate how breathing properly and moving with greater control lead to discoveries and realisations about more than my body and mind- to start to recognise that calm, quiet internal space which always exists underneath the noise of thoughts, feelings and senses.

I've trained with the amazing and inspiring, Shakti Mhi of Prana Yoga College, Tel Aviv, The British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Campus in London, and have taken inspiration from many different teachers over the years and learn endlessly from my students. I've taught in studios, gyms, and community spaces in London, online from my home, in retreat centres and from rooftops in southern Spain and Portugal, and in the last four years, in and around Wiltshire and Bath.

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Fun at Yoga

Drop-in or pre-book to practice together.

Wear comfortable clothing, leave a couple of hours after eating, and drink lots after the class. Mats and blocks available at the class. I'll guide some relaxation time at the end, so bring a blanket for extra comfort. Also, please see the booking page to fill out a new student information form before your first class.

Yoga in the comfort of your own home

For yoga tailored to your needs and a deeper understanding of yogic practices.

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Yoga in your North Wiltshire or Bath office

Relax, strengthen and re-energise tired, static bodies and soothe busy minds at work to improve motivation, decrease stress levels and boost morale.

Equipment provided.

Free initial consultation to build a yoga program to suit your needs.


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"Yoga is not for the flexible. It is for the willing."


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